Auld Lang Syne:
The Writings of a Bygone Era

         Well, the front page was getting a little out of hand. No table of contents should be that long! Hence, the inception of this page, where all pre-2001 writings (minus the basics) will be housed from here on out. However, the new titles will of course be maintained on the front page.  


Why Neo-Paganism?

A Christian Speaks

Who's Afraid of the Big,
Bad Christ?

The Great Satan Debate

To Be or Not To Be:
The Great Heredity Myth

You Can't Join My Club!
The Fluffy Bunnies vs. The Trads

Back In The Broom Closet

Myths About Wicca

Green Witchcraft: The Llewellyn Complaint

Seven Good Wiccan Books

Holy Day Reading Recs

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