Fresh From The Cauldron


Well, Morgan's Rites is actually large enough to warrant having its very own "What's New" page, which is what you're reading right now. When I add new things to the site, this is the place to find them.

  • 7/14/01
    Well, the computer is finally up and running again, which means I've been working on a slew of new stuff for the site, including a possible email notification of updates. (Stay tuned.) In the meantime, check out the new essay Sticks And Stones.

  • 3/10/01
    Ah, Spring Break, that magical time of the year when America's youth has a week off from school to...go home and update their websites. Well, at least that's what the geeks like me do;-) I've uploaded a new essay - more or less a bookmark to my wildly popular Llewellyn rant, which you can read here. I've also overhauled the front page, creating a new page for older articles, and hopefully cutting down on the clutter by doing so. More updates to follow!

  • 8/20/00 Ah, the first free time I've had in months. And what do I do with it? Do I go outside and ride my bike? Do I hang out with my friends? No! I sit inside and work on making my webpage a more hospitable place for you, the viewer. (Granted, I hung out with friends and all that before I started updating, but that's immaterial!) Anyway, I've been busy fixing weird formatting and links, as well as revising several of my essays. Oh, and I'm working on some new ones too, which I hope to have up before too long.

  • 4/30/00 Once again, against all hope, the updates continue! Incidentally, the essay I've just uploaded has been both the most difficult article for me to write, as well as the one I've been most eager to complete. You can read it here. Other than that, I've been puttering around, fixing some dead links and toying with the grammar on previous articles.

  • 12/27/99 Wow, it's been a week for updates, hasn't it! (It must be due to all this vacation time I have, and the Holydays over so early during it!) I've only made a few minor changes today, but I do have a new link to WitchCrawler up, as well as link where you can rate my site, if you so desire.

    • 12/26/99 Added a companion piece to Seasonal Reading Recs about the history of the Winter Solstice holiday, which you can find here.

    • 8/05/99 Have been fixing minor mistakes on link color, weird formatting, and the like.
      Added a new essay - Back In The Broom Closet